Friday, December 7, 2012

The Put-a-Tree-on-It Craze

I put a tree on it.  Oh yes, I did!  I can't get over how adorable toy cars are when you tie a miniature tree to the roof, so I had to have one too.

What could be better to use than a vintage black Corgi car that our eldest son used to play with.  I bought a miniature tree and some tiny wrapped presents at the dollar store to use on the car.  The tree looks a little large, but the dollar store has sold out of miniature Christmas trees now so I can't get a smaller one.  Maybe the miniature family lives in a home with cathedral ceilings and they want a very tall miniature Christmas tree - you never can tell.  Did you notice the gifts in the back seat.  This family is making all their Christmas purchases in one outing.  Very organized of them!

I've been noticing lots of Christmas-trees-on-cars around blogland.  Everything from a van to a convertible looks adorable.

1. You are my Fave
2.  Oh Happy Day
3.  The Pink Couch
4.  Rambling Renovator

And one of my all-time favourite family photo-shoots has a Christmas tree on the roof of a vintage car.  It is from the blog Design Mom.  They are design-savvy family with six children living in rural Normandy for a few years.  Last Christmas they had this photo-shoot taken on a beautiful country road near their home in France.  They rented the vintage car for the photo-shoot, but ended up loving it so much that they bought it.  You can see other photos here and here.

Have you tied one on yet?


  1. So cute! I wonder how a tree would look on one of my sons dump trucks. lol

  2. Really cute idea. Our family had a contest this year to see who would be the first person to see a tree on top of a car. My husband won.


  3. The kid on top of the car is hilarious! I love it!

  4. Love this fun post. I'm all about trees this year...big ones, little ones...all kinds!!

  5. Your car is cute. Love the photo shoot with the real car too. Yes, I followed the craze and added a John Deere truck with a tree (and a tractor) to our kitchen table. It was fun selecting the pieces from our boys' collection. Josh wanted to use lots of pieces including a combine and horse trailer.

  6. Hi! Thanks again for visiting my site. I love your page it's gorgeous! Trees on top of cars are one of my fave things to see. I had an ornament like that but I think one of my sons carried it off! I never thought of tying one on a toy car!!! That is so sweet!! I'd love to post that idea on my site and will give you the proper credit. Thanks for the great ideas, can't wait to see what you do next! Melissa~

  7. Oh no you didn't ;) Yay for mini trees on cars. I noticed the run on mini trees at the Dollar Store too. Guess I shop where all the bloggers shop, lol.

  8. I think it's one of the best "crazes" to hit blogland yet! It's so cute.

  9. We used to bring ours home from the garden centre in this way, with that feeling of will it still be there by the time we get home!

  10. LOL Well I like this craze better than the put a bird on it craze even though I did post about robin redbreast mugs today! :/