Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scherenschnitte - 6 Point Snowflakes

I've been attending an art class run by my friend and we do all kinds of different activities - everything from painting and sketching to making collages with Japanese paper.  Right now we are doing scherenschnitte aka paper cutting.  We've spent many a happy hour making snowflakes.  

Sometimes we donate a snowflake or two to be hung from my friend's ceiling and then we take the rest home which I happily tape to the wall in our family room. As you can see some are snowflakes and some are long strings of folded images. I have even more to add to the wall.

My favourite snowflake is the one in the photo below.  So far that is!

I took photos of the steps involved in making the six point snowflake - more so I would remember how to do it than anything.  They are so much fun that you really should give it a try.  If you do attempt to make a snowflake and can't figure out my instructions, then please let me know and I will try to explain it better.  

I didn't put the very first step down - which is to make a perfectly square piece of paper (done by folding a paper into a triangle and removing the part of the paper that sticks past the triangle).

And a couple of images using snowflakes that I think are just beautiful.  This one by Martha decorating a sideboard 

Martha Stewart

and this one of a gorgeous collection of snowflakes covering a window.

A Delightful Design

Have you ever been on a snowflake-making kick?  It's pretty addicting.
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  1. What a lovely tutorial! :) Pinning.

  2. This explains why mine have never turned out right; I didn't fold the paper properly to begin with! They are very pretty. I love the way they have been displayed in the picture by 'A Delightful Design.' They look good en masse.

  3. Oh wow, these are so delicate and ornate - a far cry from my butcher jobs! I love the image on the bottom of the window - I have tried that but, again, my crude cuttings lacked a certain 'finesse' that yours definitely have! Where is the art class? It sounds amazing.

  4. For years we lived in this old, rather run-down house, especially when the kids were little and I was an at-home mother. One Christmas, we made dozens and dozens of snowflakes and hung them from the front window -- a large bow window. It was magical at night and is one of my most favorite Christmas memories from that lovely old house.

  5. Those are beautiful ... I have to try that! I'm pinning it!

  6. I love your snowflakes. I hope you will join me in making a few for Sandy Hook. I want you to write a guest post for me with your tutorial. Would you be wiling to do that for me?