Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WISH Wednesday #48

I've had a busy couple of weeks since returning from Nova Scotia and still haven't found time to finish the rest of my blog posts about our trip - coming soon.  However I'm now off to Winnipeg for a wedding this weekend so that was my inspiration for this week's WISH Wednesday photo.  Nothing like travelling from the ocean two weeks ago to the prairies this weekend.

I wanted a room that reminded me of the prairies and yet wasn't too far over into the log walls, leather furniture, and cowhides camp.  This living room evokes the prairies to me through the golden leather chairs, the golden fields in the painting on the mantel, the soft yellow-orange wall colour, the wood shelves and furniture, and lots of animal references (the faux goat head, the photos of animals on the shelves, and the dog fabric on the footstool).  I think the golden yellow-orange is a lovely colour, but not one I would immediately think to use in a living room.  It reminds me of butternut squash and golden trembling aspen leaves in the fall - both lovely images.  Does this room remind you of the prairies?

Would you use such a daring colour in your living room?  I would have to have a lifelong love affair with the colour to use it in such a prominent place.

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  1. I've never been to the Prairies. But those chairs are so gorgeous. Yes, I'd definitely use that color.

  2. Yes, the prairies. Not a colour I would pick but I do love the art work and the chairs are actually really cool. If the chairs were mine I would make them work but maybe tone down the yellow by changing the wall colour and the bookcase backs. I think (for me at least) the pop of butternut from the chairs and maybe a pillow on the sofa in that colour would be enough.