Friday, September 14, 2012

I Heart Map Wall Art

What do you get for someone who is getting married for the second time, already has a home, and has requested that donations be made in lieu of gifts?  Well, I guess, technically you just give a donation, but given the circumstances my sister and I wanted to do something more personal.

My youngest sister passed away from breast cancer two years ago (you can read my tribute to her here) and her husband has met someone new.  From all reports his fiance sounds like a gem.  It isn't easy accepting the previous wife's family and she has been wonderfully kind and generous to us all.  I couldn't be happier for my brother-in-law and am looking forward to meeting his fiance and celebrating their wedding this weekend out in Winnipeg.  

Unfortunately my other sister is not well and won't be able to attend the wedding.  I know my brother-in-law and his fiance don't want people giving them lots of gifts given that they have both been married before, but I wanted to help my sister who can't attend the wedding feel like she is celebrating the event too.  

After some consideration we decided to make the new couple some map wall art.  You can see some examples herehere and here.  The cost was minimal and it really is a personal gift.  

We printed off maps from the internet that reflected where the new couple met and live and the two places they have visited together.

We traced a heart-shaped cookie cutter onto the maps and cut them out.  Then we attached them using double-sided tape onto some linen cloth and framed them.

This is just a little way we can show that we are pleased with the new marriage and wish them well.

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  1. This is a really sweet post Grace. I'm so sorry about your lost and i hope your sister will feel better soon. Our prayers with your family. But this map heart is perfect as a wedding gift. All the best to your brother in law and fiance! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. So thoughtful! I'm happy for your brother-in-law and admire your family for being so gracious. Have a nice weekend!

  3. I love this idea...such a simple thing. but very nice. Enjoy the wedding.

  4. I heart you Grace! What a thoughtful and lovely gift. Your family sounds like one to be proud of. Have a good time at the wedding...Ann

  5. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! The couple is sure to love it.

  6. Great idea!! Your blog is beautiful!! kisses from Argentina! I'm Lau and my blog Bye!!!