Monday, June 18, 2012

Mason Jar Matchbox

My son's close friend is getting married soon and we were invited to their wedding shower on Saturday. We are giving them money instead of a gift since they are going to live overseas after they are married, but I always like to do something a little creative when I give cash to make the gift interesting. Their wedding is being held on a farm and their invitations are in the shape of a mason jar so I used that as my jumping off point. Have a look at my last post (here) to see all the amazing things people use mason jars for. One of the things I saw online (here) was using a mason jar to store matches. I loved the idea.

I had a look around to see if I had what was needed, but I didn't have any sandpaper to cover the lid to use to strike the match on. I was all in favour of using what I had around the house and didn't want to have to go out to the store just to buy new sandpaper so I decided to cut the strike strip from a new matchbox we had and use that on the lid instead.  

Here's how I made it:
  • I traced the metal lid onto a piece of cardboard from a tissue box and cut it out.  
  • I cut a hole for the matches to come out of.  
  • Then I covered the lid with some wedding wrapping paper so that it looked pretty.
  • Then I glued a piece of the strike strip on the lid.

I even added some wedding wrapping paper to cover the cardboard on the underside of the lid.

I couldn't resist a wedding pun on the label.

Here's to many years of lighting candles for cozy romantic dinners and birthday candles on cakes and maybe a campfire or two.

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  1. Inspired, Grace! I would love to receive a gift like that, where a lot of thought had been put into it. I know you are giving them money too, but this would be something I would treasure.

  2. love this idea grace! i will be doing this idea for sure! thanks for the great inspiration! You used the original mason jar lid right?

  3. I love this idea! It turned out really cute. Loved your previous post with all the other ideas for mason jars too!

  4. That is such a great idea. I love the theme aspect and who else would do something so cool and memorable! They are going to love this. Thanks for sharing it and for stopping by Quirky Vistas and leaving me a sweet comment. I do appreciate it. I'm following now and hope you'll come back by again soon!

  5. That is very cute! With your wedding pun they would actually work very well as DIY wedding favors for the couple to give to guests. I'm going to pin it as such! Hope you don't mind!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I do love my card catalog!

    A Farewell To Can't

  6. I'm pinning this! So so cute! I'd love if you could link this up to my link party!!


  7. Thank you for your inspiration to do this fantastic idea, Grace! We mentioned you in our blog and made our version of this adorable match mason jar! ( Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!

    Happy Canada day and have an amazing long weekend hun!

  8. Hi Grace,

    I've featured this post in my Organization: 20 Ways To Use Mason Jars + Free Printable post.

    Thanks for your great idea and feel free to share the post!


  9. hi grace! i would love you to submit this to my valentine diy competition!

  10. I am making one today for a valentines gift to my hubby. We have two fireplaces and use matches all the time. I am going to put "You Light My Fire" on the tag.

  11. The cardboard with the
    spout of a box of salt could be used to keep matches dryer, with the labels glued onto the label. Then it would be closed off till opening to retrieve a match.