Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WISH Wednesday #22

Being that it is St. Patrick's Day in a few days, it seemed appropriate to find a green room for WISH Wednesday.  I'm not sure I would ever have the nerve to paint my cabinets kelly green, but I do think it looks amazing.

Apartment Therapy

These two photos are of the same kitchen, although I notice that the green is quite different (personally I prefer the green in the first photo).  I think all the white in the peninsula cabinet and on the walls and the black in the open shelves, the counter, the stools and the dining room chairs help to balance such an intense colour .  I love the tall wall of tiles with the dark wood open shelves on it and the herringbone wood floor pattern.  And I think the tiny hits of orange are a perfect contrast.

Do you like the dark green cabinets?  Could you paint your kitchen green?

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  1. I think it works well here because of all the white, and the large window letting in a lot of light. It is still a brave choice though!

  2. I love the green cabinets with the white. I do not think I would get tired of that shade of green, either. Green is nature's neutral!!!

    Great post for St. Patrick's Week!!!


  3. That first image is gorgeous! Definitely bold though. Do you think it's just the different lighting that caused the different colours of green between the two images? How long do you think the owners of this kitchen will keep their cabinets green?

  4. I like them but I could never do it in my own home. I'm afraid I might not like it after a couple of years and that's a lot of work to paint over it. I've thought about red and you know I like red but I can't even bring myself to do that. I would rather use bold colors in accents that are easy to change if I get tired of them.