Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Falling for Fall

It's that time of year again when the lovely warm sunny days of summer start to turn cooler and the days grow shorter.  I can't say that I'm happy about summer being done, because I'm not.   I find the end of summer bittersweet, but I'm putting a brave face on it and welcoming all the good things in fall.  I do love the crisp clear weather, colourful leaves, and gourds and pumpkins.  

I got it into my head that we should go and see the migrating birds down at Long Point on Lake Erie - so off we went on a day trip this past weekend.  Do you see the flocks of migrating birds in the photo below?

Nope - neither did we.  No birds.  Apparently we were too early.  Oh well!  We got to enjoy the fall flowers which were ablaze with colour.  Why are so many fall flowers purple and gold?  One of life's great mysteries.

Long Point was a lovely fusion of summer beach fun and fields of fall flowers - the best of both seasons. 

Do you notice something in the picture above - only one little chicklet left at home. BOO!  Kate is at university hundreds of miles away in Nova Scotia and Malcolm, of course, is not living at home now that he is married.  We have been encouraging William to roar around and make the noise of three kids, but it is still pretty quiet around the house these days (especially when he goes comatose like he did on the beach in the photo below).

I enjoyed taking photos of the lovely rippled sand around the driftwood,

my handsome husband,

and sparkly water.

What do you enjoy about autumn?


  1. Grace, your photos are gorgeous as always! Where is this beach?

  2. A field of white pumpkins! So fun.

    I love the dressing in layers, the eating of hearty soups, and those days when its warm when you're walking in the sunshine and you can unzip your hoodie just a bit, but just as quickly the sun goes away and you feel cool crisp air against your cheeks. Ah, autumn.

  3. I love fall ... summer is too hot for me ... I love the sunny days with just a touch of crisp, leaves turning colour, wearing jeans and sneakers again ... and all the hearty fall food ... soup ... apple crisp ... mmmm. Autumn is the best season ...

  4. Lovely photos and those white pumpkins are so pretty. I also love fall and the cooler temps. Fall fairs of course too. Jeans and sweaters or hoodies and the last few weekends in the early mornings at the fairs, I actually wore my down vests.

  5. Your photos are beautiful. The lake is is your family. I love autumn colors, the orange and yellow leaves, the crisp, cool mornings, wearing sweaters, going to football games, and eating all of the wonderful bounty of fresh produce that ripens at this time.

  6. I wish I could have a few of those white pumpkins! It doesn't feel like fall here just yet. I'm still in short and the AC is still on. I would love to feel some cool air.