Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Post - Donna from An Anglo in Quebec

I want to thank Donna for volunteering to do a guest post while I am away this summer.  I am very happy that many months ago I stumbled on Donna's lovely blog - not only does she have a gorgeous home, but she lives in one of my favourite parts of Canada - Quebec - and she writes about it on her blog.  You can find her at An Anglo in Quebec.  Thanks again Donna!


Grace was one of the first bloggers that talked to me
in the blogosphere...
and for that I will always be grateful 
to my fellow Canadian
 here is my take on her questions
and it is all
Juste pour toi Grace...

What is the oldest thing in my home?

The oldest piece in my home is from my
grandmother ....  Sarah Jane.
She had a spectacular garden and this fern stand sat in her livingroom window....
I know, it needs new stain but it has such sentimental value to me right now
I love it just as it is!

and this chair was given to me by my mother,
Joy ...
It has this lovely needle-point seat.

But,  probably the oldest, date unknown, are these plates...
they were given to us as a wedding gift.
Together they form an antique dessert set.
They have been passed down through several generations
and we will certainly pass them along one day ourselves.


Okay, next question Gracie!
What is the favourite thing you have made?

Yikes....tough one Grace...
I don't seem to have "made" too much these days...
 but here are a few simple things I am feelin' rather proud of.

Feels like a game of Where's Waldo?
What did she exactly "make" here?
Yes, well,  this is not much I know but extremely practical by our side door!

It is simply a wood frame I assembled for hanging coats, purses,
oh ..... and the odd helmet has hung from the higher hook!
This multiple cast iron hook affair makes it all work...

But this is my favourite.... again simple but practical

I made this curtain as a result of looking for a way to hide my washer and dryer
which is in our pantry off the kitchen
and visible from several vantage points in our open floor concept...
it is a simple combination of material and velcro.
So simple, that you can easily change it up for different effects
at different times of the year...
our red velvet Christmas fabric. 
Oh and I am looking at a red chintz for next year!

Okay, je sais...je sais
I am almost done here Gracie!!
What is the favourite room in your house?

Well, hands down on that one for the whole family!
We have been slowly renovating our home over the last few years
and last year was the "real deal" renovation to the main floor of our house.
I say real deal because we camped on the front deck for about 2 months!!
Open concept is what we were after.  
I love to cook and entertain so the goal was to optimize our small space!
So ....  voila 
our open concept main floor.
I hope I can count this as one room.... ????
Standing at the kitchen island you can have a take on everything.....

 or if you are sitting in the livingroom....

or looking to the diningroom...
you get to be part of it all!

So that is it, no more questions from Grace, 
thank you ...... I had lots of fun ...
merci beaucoup from your neighbour here in la belle province!!
À tantôt


  1. I love your old house and all the things you have done to make it cozy.

  2. Thanks Sarah. A 70's chalet-style house has had its challenges but it has been a lot of fun!

  3. Donna, I love seeing more glimpses of your lovely home. This is a great post, and I love the hall tree by your door. Of course you know how I feel about your kitchen, and your grandmother's fern stand is a treasure. It is a fantastic piece! Great post, Donna! :D

  4. Your house was just so beautiful. I like your antique things. :D