Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guest Post - Anita from Going a Little Coastal

Anita from Going a Little Coastal (I love her blog's name, by the way) volunteered to do a guest blog post today and tell us a bit about herself.  Wait until you read about the hall piece she made - I'm already in love with it and wish I had thought of doing something like that in our front hall.  You should check out her coastal inspired blog for lots of great decorating, cooking, and gardening ideas.  Thanks Anita!


Hi everyone, I’m Anita and I blog at Going a little Coastal. I am filling in for Grace while she’s is flying all over the world. Lucky girl! Grace asked me to blog about 3 things today. 

The oldest thing in my home, a favorite item that I made and my favorite room.

Old and vintage items always appeal to me. It’s like they have a story to tell. I love painting furniture but sometimes there are pieces that just shouldn’t be painted.

linen press_resize2 
This piece I found at an antique market in Mt. Dora FL. 
It was really dark and dreary when I bought it but I just cleaned it really well and fell in love with the warm patina of the wood. 
I would not be painting this one!

linen press2_resizesharp 
The guy I bought it from called it a linen press so that is what I have stuck with. 
It has a deep drawer that I happen to keep linens in and lots of space below where I store photos.

My favorite item that I made is probably this hall tree. 
When I lived in GA I did not have much of a foyer so I came up with this piece to put by the door. 
It gave me a spot to drop the mail, hang a jacket or display some flower.


When we moved to FL once again I did not have a foyer. 
It happens to fit well in a narrow hall going to the kitchen. 
It was put together with a set of bifold doors, a board, some corbels and some molding. 
Very easy to do and very easy to personalize to fit your own needs.

My favorite room? Well this might seem silly but it’s my half bath. 
It took us a year to get this built and we were so happy to when it was finally done. 
We had no guest bath on the first floor, only my master bath and I always hated that.

So we carved out some space from a closet in the laundry room and a few feet out of the garage and it have us the guest bath right next to the door to the pool. I just love it!
You can see a before and after here.

half bath resizesharp 
So there you have it. Three of my favorites.

Thank you Grace for inviting me to come by and fill in for you while you are away. You are on such amazing journey and doing such great things. I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back.

see ya,


  1. I love your 3 favorite things! The linen press is gorgeous and I love the color, I am glad that you didn't paint it either. Your hall tree is perfect and I love your bathroom, you did such an amazing job!

  2. Anita, your hall tree is fantastic. It is a great solution for a space without a true foyer! Love it. And your powder room is *to die for* Thanks so much for writing this fantastic guest post for Grace!

  3. I think your 3 favorite things are now my 3 favorite things of yours! The linen press is amazing! I think there are certain pieces that should never be painted. Or at least for a while. :)

    Thanks for having Anita over, Grace. She's such a cool cat! Did I just say "cool cat"?

  4. Love the hall tree, and the colors are fantastic!

  5. How beautiful, Anita! I can relate why these are your favourites - they would be mine just as well!

  6. You MUST share the paint color for that bathroom! To die for.

  7. I LOVE the color you put in the bathroom! That's the most lovely shade of blue!

  8. I love your halltree, very creative! But, I really love your linen chest. It is beautiful.

  9. Anita, love that bathroom and it's style!

  10. Thank you everyone! The bathroom color is Ocean Air by Benjamin Moore.