Monday, May 9, 2011

The Trillium Motherload

Yesterday we went for a hike in the woods - one of my favourite things to do.  The weather was warm and sunny and it was a lovely way to spend Mother's Day afternoon.

The marsh marigolds were just beginning to open,

and there were dog-tooth violets,

and trilliums.

Oh yes, there were trilliums by the hundreds.  I missed out on seeing huge expanses of trilliums last year so I was very happy to get to see them this year.

There were the usual white ones,

but also the less common red trilliums,

which can be a little shy,

and we found one white trillium with green in the centre of the leaves.

Not only did we walk and some of us take lots of photos, but we also had to investigate this fort that someone had built,

and win or lose a sword fight,

and play intense games of Pooh sticks (you can see one of the sticks by the arrow coming down the stream to go through the culvert to the marsh on the other side).

Ah yes, all round a great afternoon.  

And hubby gave me the most remarkable antique sketch book.  Details coming soon.


  1. This looks like you are hiking though the forest at the back of my cottage! Beautiful sight as I haven't made it up there yet this year! We are heading up there this weekend possibly.
    Thanks for the motivation on this sunny Monday!

  2. I can't wait to see the antique sketch book. WHat a nice hike. The trilliums are so pretty. I liked the white ones with the green stripes ;P

  3. Thank you for the tour through your magnificent trillium 'forest'. Beautiful photos, your area looks a lot like ours out here in Alberta, but we don't get trilliums.

  4. Beautiful! This brings back such wonderful memories of when my parents used to take us for hikes in the forest to look for trillium- I can almost smell the forest scent!

  5. How pretty. I have never heard of marsh marigolds.

  6. Ah-can't wait to see the sketch book. It DOES sound like an all round perfect afternoon.

  7. That wood s looks lovely! I also love Spring/Summer walks in the woods. The flowers are so intriguing-thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, I have always loved the trillium. Is it still illegal to pick them or was that something my mother told me to keep me from picking them?
    The hike looks lovely.

  9. Once picked, trilliums do not grow back! One time my grandmother came to our house with an arm full of trilliums. I did a bad thing for a loving grandchild. "Grandma", I said, "you must not pick trilliums". Worse than picking trilliums is correcting one's grandma!

  10. Your weather is way better than ours. You are into summer. We are barely into spring. I am looking for violets.

  11. What great shots. Looks like it was a beautiful day for a hike.

  12. I like seeing what grows in other areas. I don't think I've ever seen a trillium here.

    You got some great photos, and it looks like it was a fun day!