Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm Feeling the Love in a Little Blue Box

Yesterday was my birthday.  Which meant hubby and Kate made me some of this and...

I opened my other Tiffany box.

My husband and daughter went to New York City just before Christmas and brought back three Tiffany boxes.  One for Kate and two boxes for me - one wrapped with a red ribbon and one with a white one.  I opened the red ribbon box at Christmas as it was obviously decorated with a seasonal ribbon, but I saved the white ribbon box.  I realize that it seems strange not to open both of the Tiffany boxes that were under the Christmas tree for me, but they looked so pretty that I decided to wait until my birthday to open one of them (it did help that my birthday was only a month and a bit away).   Several of you have emailed to ask me what I got in the Tiffany box, so I thought I would let you all know.

Inside the last Tiffany box was the sweetest little crystal bowl decorated with stars.

It is just perfect in all respects - shape, size, design, and origin.  I have yet to decide what I'm going to use it for, but this is what is in it now.  Pretty perfect too, eh!
My daughter bought herself a souvenir from Tiffany's.  She chose a little ceramic Tiffany box that is modelled on the iconic blue box.  It looks adorable in her room on top of a stack of blue boxes - one Tiffany's and one Birk's (the Canadian equivalent to Tiffany's) and will always remind her of the wonderful trip they had to celebrate her graduation from high school.

At Christmas I opened my first Tiffany box and in it was a pretty little ceramic box with sketches of Manhattan around the Tiffany Store.  I love the details on it. 

On the side were more little sketches of New York scenes.

Seeing the Brooklyn Bridge always reminds me of my little corner of Manhattan which I'll tell you about it in a post tomorrow.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Grace! Love both of your Tiffany presents - you must have great willpower to wait a month to open!

  2. Happy happy Birthday dear friend!!!
    Love your Tiffany gifts!
    Pamela xo

  3. Dearest Grace,

    Happy belated birthday; you are only one day behind me...
    Tiffany is the top high end jewelry and upscale gift stores 'world wide'. We have seen many of them and received gifts world wide. They all become treasures and heirlooms.
    Equal to their quality is my upscale Italian jewelry import from Tuscany... you should have a look at it. Especially if you love Tiffany!

    Have a great Valentine too and lots of love,


  4. A very happy birthday to you Grace. Gorgeous gifts. Tiffany's is on my list when I go to New York next month...can't wait :)

  5. Happy Birthday!
    It's official~you are the QUEEN of delayed gratification! I crown you. You deserve it. You waited WEEKS to open a Tiffany box! Both bowl and the ceramic box are lovely.

  6. Happy Birthday and what lovely gifts from very thoughtful people. Enjoy.

  7. Happy birthday Grace! And lovely post about Tiffany's... it is such a lovely shop.
    Love, Maaike

  8. You are a true grown-up! I would never be able to hold off on opening anything that came in a Tiffany's box!!
    Happy Birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday Grace. I love tha Tiffany box. I have not see the New York one before.

  10. Happy Birthday, Grace! It looks like you had a wonderful day and your husband and daughter chose some beautiful gifts. I cannot believe you had the willpower to not open a Tiffany box until now! I would have torn right into that box.

  11. Happy Birthday! Gifts from Tiffany's are a wonderful surprise...and yes, the chocolates are perfect in the adorable bowl.

  12. Happy birthday S.
    I hope it was fabulous.
    You won a giveaway at Matthew Mead! That's cool!
    I love your Tiffany gifts. Sweeeet.

  13. Happy Birthday Grace!!
    **ps - your "blogging spot" is on BB&B :)

    xoxo Laura

  14. These are both beautiful pieces! I can't wait to read about your little corner in Manhattan.

  15. Happy Birthday! What wonderful presents and memories.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday, I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! Your cake looks delicious and I love your beautiful crystal bowl! You now have lots of pretties from Tiffany's!

    Kat :)

  17. Happy (belated) Birthday, Grace! Your husband bought you wonderful treasures. What a guy! I love the sugar dusted on the cake. I hope you had a great day :D

    Ricki Jill