Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best of February

My list of things I was looking forward to in January included things like enjoying a fresh snowfall, examining the beauty of snowflakes, crunching ice and snow, and seeing snow-covered evergreens.  Well the good news is that I was able to enjoy all of these things - many times over!  We have had a lovely snowy January, and I do mean lovely.  When it is winter it is much nicer to have snow everywhere than just frozen dirt or worse still, slush.  I also appreciate that for the most part the snow has fallen on weekends or in a big storm so school and work were cancelled - all of which means we didn't have to get up early and go out and shovel the driveway first thing in the morning and then drive on snow-covered roads to get to work.

Winter is beginning to wear a little thin, but there are still lots of things I'm looking forward to in February.  I've interspersed my list with photos I took of the snow in January.  Here's my February list:

1.  My birthday.  It's always a nice February diversion.  I mean who doesn't like cake and a few prezzies.

2.  Our 30th wedding anniversary which just happens to be on February 14th.  We're planning on going out to dinner with the whole family and some friends and then coming back for dessert and champagne. 

3. Trying the cupcakes we will be serving at our oldest son's wedding in May.  This is the dessert we will have after we go out for dinner for our anniversary (see above).

4.  Working on my food photography skills.  I have in mind to try playing around with the cupcakes and taking some photos.  I've been studying photos of food and there is a real art to the composition and lighting and I'd like to improve mine a bit.

5. Valentine's Day - which just happens to also be our wedding anniversary (see above).  We are just that romantic (haha)!  

6.  Chocolate.  This has to be one of my favourite things about Valentine's Day.  I adore chocolate.

7.  Enjoying the form of bare branches on deciduous trees.  They really are lovely against the winter sky and look absolutely gorgeous when each branch is highlighted by a trace of snow.

8.  Having a long weekend.  Monday February 21st is Family Day here in Ontario so we are all off school and work and can hang out and ... be a family.  Sounds like fun!

9.  Going skating.  I only got out once in January so I'm looking forward to going out a few more times in February.

10.  Getting over the adenoid infection which has plagued me since the first week in January. Sigh!


  1. 11. Opening other little Tiffany box because Ricki Jill is a nosy Nellie!!!

    I hope you are feeling better, Grace, so you can enjoy all the February awesomeness!!! Your list looks like lots of fun! Enjoy!

  2. Love your list Grace!! Another thing I look forward to in February is that it is another month of winter gone for another year!! lol! I hope you are feeling better soon! Angie xo

  3. So many fun things to do! And I love that photo of the tree with bare branches against the sky. Lovely. Kit

  4. Glad you are getting over an infection, and congrats on your anniversary! Wishing you a wonderful February.

  5. Grace -
    One of the things I'm most looking forward to FOR YOU is the opening of that beautiful Tiffany box! As always, your photos are gorgeous! PS - got my camera for my birthday (Canon Rebel T1i) I have no idea how to use it yet but I'm super excited to learn! Best -Stephenie

  6. Glad you are feeling better Grace and your list of things to do in February sounds wonderful. I hope you have both a wonderful anniversary and a very happy birthday! And you are right, shooting food is hard! Love your January pictures!

    Kat :)

  7. I love that bare branches photo too. I think I might use it as my winter screen saver. Hurry up and open that box - please.

  8. Sounds like a terrific February, love your photos, and Congrats on the Anniverary and Wedding plans! Ask me how much I love cupcakes.

  9. Gorgeous photos Grace! Looks like you have a wonderfully romantic & sweet-filled February ahead of you!

  10. Wow, you DO have a lot to look forward to. Enjoy!


    P.S. Love the photos! :)

  11. Sounds like you have lots of great things planned for February :-) I totally forgot about Family Day - Woot! Extra-long weekend! :-)

    February is actually a pretty memorable month for me - it's the month hubby and I started dating, had our first Valentine's Day together, and hubby proposed a couple of years later at the end of February :-)

    Hope your birthday & anniversary & cupcake tasting are all fantastic!

  12. Wonderful photos...your camera skills are enviable! Sounds like a busy month. My husband and I are also celebrating our 30th in 2011. Can't believe it. Best Regards...

  13. Beautiful photos Grace! You make winter look dreamy!
    Happy Birthday to you!
    I hope you are feeling much have alot going on this month!
    Did you make me that snow angel?
    Pamela :)

  14. Your photos are gorgeous, but I have to say, #7 is exceptional! I'd frame that and hang it on a wall.

  15. Hi there Grace, what a great blog you have! I love your picturework and this February list is very inspiring. It is my birtyhdaymonth too!
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    love Maaike