Monday, June 14, 2010

Hanging with the Cool Kids in Toronto - Part 1

My sister and her 12-year old daughter, were visiting over the weekend from Winnipeg, so we spent Sunday together in Toronto to visit chinatown, do a little rock climbing, and see Kensington Market (more about that tomorrow). 

There was good food to be had.

There were strange Chinese faux-letters, or maybe they are real letters and we just can't figure out why there is a "B" and an "E" on tall poles at the side of the street in chinatown.

We also saw spectacular signs,

smelly seafood,

great graffiti,

terrific teapots,

beaucoup de Buddhas,

and ...  I'm out of annoying alliterations!

Then we climbed up some walls and came back down,

 drove past the house my sister and I grew up in,

and went home.

The end!


  1. Oh, the crepes look awesome!

    And your china town looks identical to NYC's china town...abundant budhas and all.

  2. Looks like you all had a great day! How fun!

  3. Just found glad I did. Have not been to Toronto yet......but I plan on getting there in this lifetime.


  4. Chinese crepes? (Ok, now I want crepes...a minute ago I wanted cheeseburgers.)

    And I'm not sure I want to know what are in all those little divided compartments in that market...

  5. What a fun day! Thanks for entering my giveaway - good luck!

  6. Fun! I love driving past my old houses. Mostly I think they looked best when I lived there - ha!