Monday, July 1, 2013

Jackie Evancho Photos

Before I leave the topic of the Jackie Evancho concert I attended on Friday (which you can read about here), I wanted to tell you the sad tale of my camera battery and the kindness of a stranger.  I took my camera with me to the concert so I could get some photos of Lewiston and possibly even of Jackie between songs.  The battery seemed to be charged enough, but it died just before the concert - literally just moments before.  Oh, what is a blogger with a dead camera to do???  The most obvious choice is to approach a total stranger and ask if they will send a poor blogger copies of their photos ... and that is what I did.  So thanks to Jim, these are some of the photos he took of Jackie taken during the concert in Lewiston, NY. 

I love how well the bodice of her dress shows up in the photo below.

And an earnest Jackie singing her little heart out.

And the wave ... Oh I love the adorable enthusiastic wave!

And in case you have never heard Jackie sing, this was one of the songs we heard at the Lewiston concert.  This song is unusual because she was accompanied only by the piano, instead of an entire orchestra.  I love that you can really focus on her voice in this beautiful song.

P.S.  And coming soon - a look at what we bought in Lewiston that will save me hours and hours of work (just as soon as I take some photos of it).


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, Grace! :D

  2. Hi Grace! I just saw your comment that you were having a hard time subscribing to my blog. I'm sorry! How are you going about it? Shoot me an email at and we'll sort it out:)

  3. How kind of Jim. She has a beautiful voice.

  4. Thank you Jim and Gracie for sharing these lovely photos. What a talent Jackie is!