Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WISH Wednesday #39

I'm at the cottage right now, so wanted to have a room for WISH Wednesday that had lots of windows so you feel a connection with the outdoors.  I love the white painted boards on the ceiling, the huge corner windows, and the large coffee table for putting a lot of things on display.  Let's pretend that white sofas and chairs don't get dirty and then this room would be perfect - okay?

Philip Mitchell
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  1. I do like rooms with huge windows like that, and they have those gorgeous blinds for when the sun gets too bright.

  2. Wow, love those windows. I am all about windows and have been working over the last few years to replace windows that need replacing with larger ones. Of course cleaning all those windows is not necessarily that much fun! Enjoy the cottage!!

  3. I wish im at a cottage right now...oh my! IF ONLY white sofas dont get dirty or anything white in general! We have a white carpet under our bed and we have a's just bad news lol...current condition of the carpet is white-grey....its so sad :(