Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WISH Wednesday #38

Summer is here and the weather is steamy so a beautiful porch seemed just the thing for my WISH (Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home) Wednesday photo.

There is so much I admire about this porch which was decorated by Michael Penney (love his style) and appeared in Canadian House and Home. I adore porch swings - we have the exact same one in our backyard which you can see here. The vintage furniture gives the porch a cozy country feel. And finally, I love the aqua and tomato red colours used in the pillows and throws and the sweet little table.  Did you notice that I couldn't resist a little red, white, and blue for a July 4th post.

This looks like a front porch to me and although we have furniture on our front porch, I never sit there.  I wonder if the owners of this porch actually use it.  Are you a front porch sitter or do you usually sit in the backyard?

Michael Penney, Canadian House and Home

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  1. that porch just says "ahhhh"

    I had a front porch on my last house ... with a big tree in front. It was wonderful to sit out in the shade and read. I loved it.

  2. Oh wow I LOVE this porch! We don't really have one but growing up we had a big one all across the front of the house and used to sit there in the evenings a lot. I know the make the front rooms dark, but I do love a pretty front porch.

  3. I want to be sitting right there sipping Ice Tea.

  4. This porch is so adorable! I love all the colors of the fabric, its very soft and comforting. I'd love to have a porch like that too! Have you seen Kate's balcony from centsational girl ? It's so nice, you should check it out

  5. I love Michael Penney. He's appearing on the new Sarah 101 - have you been watching that? I want to make a visit to his store soon. Maybe I'll get a chance in August. I love this front porch. I used to live in an upstairs apt in an old 100 yr old house so the front porch was mine. I had painted it and planted a lovely garden in front of it. I had a rug and comfy furniture, long drapes on the sides and lovely hanging flower baskets filling up the front. You could sit there quietly and no one on the street would ever notice you. I spent a lot of time there reading with a glass of wine. Right now tho, we really only use the backyard. It's a different kind of neighbourhood. Everyone talks over the back fences. It's very friendly but I do miss my front porch haven. J

  6. I love porch swings! We only have a small bench for two on our front porch, so no, we do not use it very much. We spend most of our time on our back deck! If I had this much room (like your WISH photo) I would definitely use it. I think it is a Southern thing, to sit on front porches and visit with neighbors.

    I need to learn more about this Michael Penney guy!