Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WISH Wednesday #21

I had a hankering for a nice bright colourful room for the WISH Wednesday room this week.  I wonder why? Could it be the endless gray skies?  The cool dreary weather we have been having?  Whatever the reason, this bright modern kitchen is just what the Doctor ordered.  

I'm usually more of a vintage, traditional kind of gal, but this cheerful kitchen belonging to Bobbie Burger has always appealed to me.  I remember seeing her  Okanagan weekend home for the first time in the Canadian House and Home magazine in May 2009.   The gorgeous paintings on the wall just grabbed my attention.  Her home is the perfect backdrop to showcase her paintings with the clean white walls and floor and the gorgeous views out the window.

House and Home
This kitchen is amazing in so many ways.  Not only are the paintings riveting, but I love the long row of white cabinets, the bank of windows, the hit of yellow in the stove and the stool at the end of the table, and of course, the gorgeous 1890s Quebec convent table.  

If I could chose to paint like anyone (and believe me I have a list just in case my fairy godmother comes calling and decides to grant me a wish) then Bobbie would be right up there.  I love the swirls of flower petals and the fresh colours in her paintings.   

Is that a cheerful and spring-like kitchen or what?  

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  1. I am totally in love with that stove. Pure beauty!

  2. What a happy place to cook and entertain in...I love it!

    Kat :)

  3. Looking at all that yellow just makes me feel happy! I think that kitchen works really well.

  4. I love this kitchen. This might be my favorite WISH Wednesday post yet! The art truly makes it a special space.