Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WISH Wednesday #19

We were visiting our friend's new farm this past weekend and I now officially have farm fever - I'll share some pictures on Friday.  Being consumed with thinking about farms, pondering if we would like to live on a farm, and checking out the real estate ads for farms meant that I had to do some searching and find a gorgeous farmhouse room to share for WISH Wednesday.  There really was no option as you can see.

I love the simplicity of this bedroom - no curtains, limited colours, no bedskirt on the bed - just solid wood furniture, gorgeous floors, crisp white sheets and a pretty plaid blanket.  The turned legs on the bedside table are a wonderful detail, as is the use of a stack of suitcases for storage.  Except that the morning light would bother me, I would love to sleep in this bedroom.  

Elle Decor

And if we ever buy ourselves a farmhouse, I'm copying this bedroom!

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  1. This is a favorite of mine, too, Grace! When my son is ready for a more mature room, I hope it looks like this.

  2. Looks serene - love it! I'm following you on Linky now . . .

  3. Very tranquil. I don't have any curtains on my bedroom windows...I kind of like the sun waking me up. Most days anyway!

  4. What a gorgeous bedroom! I love the stacked pillows.... and the unfussiness of it all :o)

  5. I have seen the prettiest posts today with browns in them, and I have been drawn to brown lately! Pretty bedroom.