Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WISH Wednesday #18

I recently came across this room on the blog Bright, Bold, & Beautiful and was immediately drawn to how warm and inviting it looks.  This study has so many of the things I love - things like bookshelves, art, and classic wood furniture.  The Canadian Interior Designer Philip Mitchell is the genius behind this room and when I visited his website I noticed that he has offices in Toronto and Chester, Nova Scotia. I'm kind of hoping this gorgeous study is in a Nova Scotia home and that you can see the ocean from those windows.    

Philip Mitchell Design Inc

Philip Mitchell Design Inc

I love the gallery wall he created (not so sure about the same picture framed two different ways which you can see in the upper left of the gallery wall - any thoughts on this?)   I do love the eclectic assortment of nature pictures, the driftwood sculptures on the dresser, and the curvy wooden arms on the chair to the right of the sofa.  I think this is a great photo for a midwinter WISH (Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home) Wednesday inspiration photo.   All the rich colours in the wood, dark leather, and patterned red carpet make the room seem enveloping and warm - just what you need on a cold winter's day.  That and a glass of red wine to sip (probably carpet inspiration).

What things do you look for in an inviting living room?

By the way,  Philip Mitchell's website is here and his blog is here.  Both have lots of inspiring photos.

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  1. An inviting room to me is usually one that shows that someone lives there and would be comfortable in the space. In this case the books and those gorgeous leather chairs. I was immediately drawn to the lovely wood tones, especially on the dresser/bureau and then in the driftwood(?) rustic wood on the dresser. Not sure about the double print, I can only make a guess that one might be a print and the other a painting? Possibly of something really special? Might be a bit odd otherwise, and I do like the mix of frames. Thanks for sharing and posing the question. I will be looking to see other comments.

  2. Oh, me again. I like the comfy looking pillows on the sofa but I wonder about the scale/sentimentality of the little pillows on the leather chairs.

  3. Love the leather chairs. They look so cozy.

  4. I look for a comfortable place to sit and chat, which this room definitely has. It's not really my style, but I see why elements in the room are inviting.

  5. Great those chairs!

  6. I love the first shot of the room. The gallery wall is fantastic and the two chairs just seem so real....I know they are real :) but it doesn't have that staged feeling. Looks so comfy and inviting as Elizabeth said.

  7. Those leather club chairs speak to me and I could curl up with a good read from the bookshelves.

  8. I love art and books, they really add atmosphere to a room!

  9. I love this study! *le sigh* Books, art, beautiful furniture....what's not to like?

    Plus the large windows.... :D

    I like rooms that reflect the owners' interests and were not designed to a decorator's tastes. I also like a room filled with books. Nothing makes a room more cozy than books!

    I do not understand the two tree photos, either. I think one should be enjoyed in another room of the house!

    Great post!