Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dribble Drabble - It's for the Birds

Let me tell you about an obsession of mine.  I’m always searching for flocks of birds, especially in the fall and winter - this year I’ve seen a bumper crop of them.  

I love how chummy they look lined up on overhead wires.    

I love seeing swooping swirling clouds of birds

Kate and I once saw a murmuration – a living cloud of flocking birds - as we were driving to a mall and couldn’t quite determine what the strange dark moving shape was until we got closer and realized it was birds.  

I adore this video of a murmuration .


Ever heard of a drabble?  Nope, neither had I until William had to write one for English class - it's a short story consisting of exactly one hundred words.  William challenged me to write a drabble blog post and that is what you just read.   It was a good challenge as you have to be concise and interesting in only a few words.  It was also a challenge loading the murmuration video - thanks to Lisa at Wicked and Weird for introducing me to it and filling me in on how to load it on to my blog.


  1. B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! so nice to see something that makes one simply smile. My feeders here in Atlanta have only just begun to get busier...


  2. You should host a drabble blog post day...I rather like this idea for a challenge.

    That video is amazing.

  3. I'm so impressed that you downloaded the video...I would have no idea. Your photos are, as always, spectacular.