Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We are all a Twitter

I'm glad you liked the 13 Trees of Christmas as much as I did (you can read about them and see lots of pictures of them here).   I found all the trees so inspirational and fun.  I was surprised by your votes, though.  I had assumed everyone would love the same trees I did, and I was interested at the range of choices everyone made.  It goes to show you that there was something there for everyone. 

Here's how everyone voted (1 point for each vote and a 1/2 point when someone said a tree was their second choice):
#3 Ecosphere - 1
#4 Ships of the Desert - 2
#7 Twelve Dogs of Christmas - 1
#8 We are all a Twitter - 2 1/2
#10 James Herriot - 1
#12 Uccelli in Cielo - 1/2
#13 Partridge in a Pear Tree - 1
And the winner was the beautiful "We are all a Twitter" tree.

Without further ado (drum roll, please) the two trees I liked in equal measure were:

#4  Ships of the Desert - I loved how the train of camels wound around the tree and each one was decorated with a different saddle.  I loved the gold and stars and how everything centred around the nativity.

#10 James Herriot - this tree reflected all the fond memories I have of reading his books about being a vet in rural England.  I thought it was very imaginative and had such nice touches like the balls filled with feed, his dog waiting faithfully for him, and the book tucked into his jacket pocket.

And do you know what my second choice was - that's right, the people's choice "We are all a Twitter"! 

My previous post was too long and too loaded with photos to tell you where we ate dinner, but it was such a hit I wanted to share it with you now.   We went to the Okonomi House which is a Japanese restaurant near the University of Toronto (23 Charles Street West  Toronto (416) 925-6176).  

This was a walk down memory lane for me.  When my husband and I were University students we lived in the married students apartments on Charles Street and the Okonomi House is right across the street so it was a favourite haunt of ours. 

The place has been up-dated a little since our time though.  You will be glad to know that after thirty years the plastic food in the window is gone. 

Not only is the food fabulous, but the prices are budget-friendly.  My friend and I both had chicken okonomis which are delicious savoury Japanese pancakes.   At $6.35 each they were also quite the deal!

Sorry folks that's the best I can do to fix the picture of the okonomi.  There's nothing like the look of food under intense orange lights.   Here's the original photo -

If you live in the Toronto area it is well worth checking out.


  1. Grace I adore the trees and yes especially All Atwitter!!

    We are on our 5th day of Holiday Giveaways with 4 events being open! I hope you will visit!

    Art by Karena

  2. i don't think i've ever tried okonomi... now i'm curious!

  3. What a great event - my favorite tree is definitely "We are all a Twitter" - I always have a small tree covered in birds and nests - but this one with it's blue birds is stunning.

    BTW - found you on The Inspired Room - nice to find a fellow Canadian/Ontario blogger.