Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WISH Wednesday #1

What is WISH Wednesday, you ask?  Well it is a new series that I'm going to do every Wednesday - WISH stands for Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonally-decorated Home.  I do realize it should really be WISDH, but that just doesn't make sense so we're going to ignore the 'd', making it the ever so appropriate acronym WISH.

Every Wednesday I will post one picture that I find somewhere on the internet that just tickles my fancy and completely enthralls me.  It might be a craft project or a table setting or a piece of furniture or a decorated room, but it will be something house related.  The pictures I select may be things that I would actually like to do or incorporate in our home or they may be things that are just so beautiful that I want to share them even though I will never be able to do or own what is in the picture.  

I also thought it would be an interesting idea to look back at the end of a year and see what sorts of things caught my attention.  I will have twelve months worth of decorating inspiration which may help me define what my taste and decorating style is.  

Martha Stewart

Today's picture is from Martha Stewart.  Of course!  Who else would spend all that time cutting holes in a pumpkin that is going to be composted in a few weeks.  Now that being said, I still absolutely love these pumpkins.  I adore the blue-gray colour - don't they look like they are made of stone-glazed pottery.   I love the lacy look the cut-outs give the pumpkin.  I bet they are just as pretty in the daytime as they are at night with the lights twinkling through the holes.  

This is not a project I would ever do because I would go completely mental digging out all those holes, but I would definitely modify the idea and use a drill to make a lacy pattern on a pumpkin.   It wouldn't be an A+ pumpkin like Martha made, but it would be a C+ or even a B+ pumpkin and that would be enough to make me happy.

Would you ever be tempted to spend hours making one of these gems?


I neglected to put the 1 tsp of orange zest in my recipe that I posted on Monday (many thanks to Sandra for noticing and emailing me about it).   If any of you had already copied the recipe out I wanted to be sure and let you know to add the grated orange rind as it is a nice addition.


  1. That sample photo is lovely but I have to admit, I was standing behind the door when they gave out PATIENCE.. so no way would I even try these. I sure did enjoy looking though, thanks.


  2. First of all, you're welcome.

    Secondly, no! I would never take the time to do what Martha does(meaning Martha's minions do). I'm too busy working 9-5 and feeding teenagers and cleaning toilets. But like you, I do appreciate that someone else shows me how beautiful everyday things can be.

  3. No, but I'm thinking maybe her staff would. They are beautiful however. Looking forward to your new Wednesday series.

  4. I love your WISH Wednesday idea and look forward to seeing all of the wonderful seasonal ideas you post. I love carving pumpkins, though I rarely do it in our new house, but I might be tempted to try one of these. I know they wouldn't look like the ones you have pictured, but it would be a fun challenge.

    Kat :)

  5. What a wonderful idea for weekly posts! I love the filigree pumpkins, but I know I lack the skill and patience to make one. Leave it to Martha, huh!