Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leaf Photos and Leaf Art

Although our weekend started off with a rainy heavy-traffic drive up north, followed by the realization when we awoke on Saturday that there were not that many coloured leaves on the trees this year, it still turned out to be a great weekend.   

I managed to find some gorgeous trees and take a bazillion photos.

I enjoyed the last of the flowers in my Mother's garden

 and picked a bouquet to take home to my parents when we left.

I love all the different coloured leaves, but have a soft spot in my heart for the ones that just can't decide what colour to be - cause you know what - if I was a leaf that's what I would look like.

Of course I had to carry on my leaf art tradition from last year (read this post to see what we made last year) and I made two new ones this year.  I had to be fast because it was windy, so they are by no means perfect.  

First I made an arrow,

and then the Bangladeshi flag.  If you aren't up on your flags of the world, then you can add this one to your repertoire as it is one of the easier ones to remember - a red sun on a green field.

All in all a lovely weekend filled with long walks, beautiful leaves - and log chutes which I'll tell you about in my next post.


  1. Oh how pretty. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing around here. It's still a little warm here but hopefully soon.

  2. What pretty photos. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. I love your leaf art!

  3. LOVE that last image. Very pretty post!

  4. Very pretty! Love the leaf art. I will have to try this with our students on Friday~we are having a harvest themed day and making carrot soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and pumpkin cheesecake. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Wow! Those are amazing photos. I love the vase of flowers. Adorable!

  6. Ha, I love it. I love the bouquet of flowers in the Classico jar. Looks so rustic and natural.

  7. Just found your lovely blog through Style at Home. New follower here!