Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help Us Help Bangladesh

Trust me when I tell you that it is a bit of a personal stretch to write this post. I'm not one to self-promote, but I'm going to put myself out there in the hope of helping others. If you recall, my friend Kim and I are going to Bangladesh for a month next summer to help teach in a Speech Therapy program. The program is only four years old and at this point it relies on foreign volunteers to teach the courses. Kim and I are both Speech-Language Pathologists and we are offering our collective wealth of expertise to help train some of the first Speech Therapists in Bangladesh and to supervise student placements.

Plans are progressing, but one of the things we urgently need to do is raise the money. We need enough for airfare, for accomodation, and for teaching materials. I have pondered and pondered how best to raise the funds and what I could do to contribute. I have received a lot of positive comments about the photos on my blog and so I thought that maybe, just maybe, some of you would be interested in purchasing a photo or two.

Since this is a fund-raiser, I'd like to tell you exactly what it will cost me to print and post the photos.  Anything you contribute above and beyond my costs will go directly to the trip.

My costs are (in Canadian dollars) $6.00 for Canadian orders, $12 for international orders:
  • $3 for printing an 8 x 10 photo
  • $3 for shipping to anywhere in Canada
  • $9 for shipping to everywhere else
With a donation, say, of $5 per photograph, the cost to you will be (in Canadian dollars):
  • $11 for Canadian orders ($6 costs + $5 donation).  Please add $3 for each additional photograph.
  • $17 for international orders ($12 costs + $5 donation).  Please add $3 for each additional photograph. 
(The Canadian dollar is almost exactly on par with both the Australian and United States currencies.)

I have selected the photos below as ones that I thought you might be interested in purchasing. If you would prefer any other photo I have taken just let me know and I will print that one instead.  I have sized the photos so they are all 8x10 inches. I had them printed to ensure that they reproduce well as good-quality photographs.  The ones I selected are some of my personal favourites or they are ones that some of my blogging friends have said that they like.  Any of the photos can be printed in full colour, in black-and-white, or in sepia tones.
I still haven't worked out the payment details.  The simplest way for my to process payment will be a money order in Canadian Dollars sent to the address I will supply when you email your order.  If enough of my blogging friends request it I could set up an Etsy store or try and put Paypal on my blog.  Any thoughts?

My thanks to all of you who encouraged me to go out on a limb like this and I'll say ahead of time that I really appreciate whatever support you can give.

To order a photograph, please send an email, quoting the photograph's number, to:








































  1. Yay! I'm glad you put this out there. I think an Etsy shop or setting up paypal would make it easier for people to order. I love the pictures you featured and like the fact that we can pick other pictures from your blog. If you create a button for your blog, I'll be one of the first to put it on my blog. Awesome. So to be clear, for us in the US, it would be about $12 to order one? If we order more than one, would the shipping be one amount? or $12 for each photo? I'm just planning here because I will want more than one.

  2. Grace, I would love to buy some photos and help out a little. I'll email you over the weekend when I've decided on which ones!

  3. Well Grace when you just did it to me!!! Those photos of Niagara Falls scream to me! lol ! I will have to order the No. 10. They are all so incredibly beautiful and I have no photos of the Falls! Do you believe it? Actually probably everyone I know has no photos of it. I just love love the winter scenes! You knew how to pull at my heartstrings...The Falls and winter!
    Pamela xo

  4. You have such beautiful photos here! I am sharing this on my facebook page!

  5. Woohoo! I'm in. I NEED the Inukshuk and one of the Canadian cottage country photos. I will email you exactly which ones when I decide how many I want. And I already have some black 8x10 frames. So for sure, #'s 20 (Inukshuk) and 23 (winter woods walking to cottage.) Thanks so much for offering them!

  6. You do have some beautiful photos.

  7. Hi Grace, these pictures are truly stunning! What a talent for photography you have. And what a wonderful idea to go to Bangladesh, you are so much braver than me..the world needs people like you! I will try to choose some photos and email you to see what's left. Rachaelxx

  8. Hi Grace, I'm visiting through the Colour Me Happy Link -- your images are just gorgeous.

  9. what an awesome thing you're doing! would love one of your pics, will send an email xx

  10. Grace I posted your fundraiser on my art post this week! Love your photography, you are truly talented!!

  11. I would be happy to help. I've been to Bangladesh several times and have a special place in my heart for the people there. I will review the photos as well. If you need anything while you are there - will you be in Chittagong or Dhaka area? let me know and I will email you privately some contacts there / locals that I work with in business who would be more than happy to advise you or help you on where to stay, eat, etc. Just let me know. What a great thing you are doing.

  12. I definately am interested in purchasing a few and can help spread the word..but Etsy would make it much easier, especially for U.S. folks.

  13. Grace! Somehow I missed this post this week! I adore these photos. I have decided that I am going to order 4. I am going to place a black 8X10 frame somewhere in my living room and change the photo out seasonally~
    #2 pink tulips for Spring
    #8 blueberries in the yellow-rimmed dish for summer
    #23 Winter Trees for Winter
    #26 Leaf on the dock for Fall
    I love, love, love your photos and I am happy to contribute to your cause. Plus it's nice to have some artwork in my house that is meaningful instead of some random photo from Ikea.
    Angie xo I will inbox you for your snail mail address.

  14. Grace, Do you have anything for western theme? I'm a follower from Echos of Laughter