Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best of November

I don't think November is the easiest month to like - kind of dull, kind of cold, no celebrations (we've already had our Thanksgiving) etc.  So I'm setting myself a challenge to find ten things I am looking forward to enjoying in November.  At the end of September and October when I looked back at the lists I had made I realized I had in fact got to enjoy every item on them.

So here is my list of things to enjoy in November - interspersed with photos that I took this morning, a cool crisp fall day with a lovely frost.

1.  Frost (and possibly first snow fall) - I love how frost looks like icing sugar on everything.

2.  Jack Frost on the windows - I put this one separate in my list from the one above, because what I love are the shapes and designs that appear as if by magic when you are defrosting your car windows.

3.  Bum Heat - my car has a seat warmer (aka bum heat) and I have to say I loooove it on a cold winter morning.

4. Crisp, clear, sunny days - like today in fact.

5.  The last of the coloured leaves - most trees are already bare, but there are still a few yellow and brown leaves clinging to the trees and some coloured bushes.

6.  Christmas Shopping - we try and get our shopping done in November.  Hubby and I  make a table on the computer with ideas for stocking stuffers and gifts and then we highlight them when they are purchased.   We email the list back and forth to each other so that we can add ideas at home or work - whenever inspiration strikes.

7.  Homemade Christmas gifts - Every year I used to have the kids make homemade presents for their teachers and the grandparents, but those days are long gone.   I still want to make something homemade, though, and I have an idea that I would like to make in the next week or so.  I'll share it with you then.

8Prepare the advent calendar treats - When the kids were small we had an advent calendar with pockets that I would fill with chocolates, but now that they are older and some of them are living away from home I'm going to make up little presents to send out to them.

9.  Enjoy the Christmas frenzy in magazines, in stores, and across blogland.   It's not about feeling guilty for not doing more than I do or even necessarily looking for inspiration, but rather just to enjoy the creative styling that is available.

10.  Eating by candlelight.  Once the days grow longer and we are no longer in daylight savings time, it is dark by dinner time so we eat by candlelight most nights.  It kind of elevates an ordinary meal into something fancier.

What about you - anything you especially enjoy in November?


  1. Beautiful photos, Grace. Love the frost. I made a leaf heart, inspired by yours...and posted it a few days ago... yours had better hues, but I couldn't find the pinkish leave color you were able to use for contrast in the reds. It was so much fun though. Thanks for the idea -

  2. Beautiful pictures as always and yes, it does like they are coated in sugar. So pretty. November is busy for us. Lots of birthdays including my own, Thanksgiving, and the start of preparation for Christmas. Can't wait to see what you handmake. We do handmade things for teachers still as well as neighbors and friends.

  3. Great post! It's true that November can sometimes become a nothing month. I'm trying to enjoy using this month as my preparing time for the Christmas rush.

  4. Your photos are breath taking. Seriously.

    We would love to have you enter these over at the DIY Club WEEKLY party. We have a category for photos.

    I signed up to follow you.

    Come by for a visit and I would love to have you follow along both blogs.

    Cheri from ItsSoVeryCheri and

  5. Right now I'm enjoying days in the high 60's! We're having great weather right now. I also enjoy the seat warmer. :)

    I love the frost on the leaves. You really take some great photos.

  6. What lovely photos! I love that November is the countdown to Christmas; I begin to think about the season, count the gifts already purchased and plan my annual Xmas letter.
    I love the calm before the (wonderful) storm!

  7. Your pictures of the frost are AMAZING! They are beyond really does look like sugar!

  8. What a wonderful list Grace, and your photos are beautiful!! I enjoy my bum heat too, I just wish both of my cars had seat warmers!

    I love getting ready for Thanksgiving and pulling out my sweaters!

    Kat :)

  9. Your photos are breathtaking! I love this post Grace. The 'bum heat' made me in Edmonton..bum heat is a necessity. I love the idea of dining by candlelight...I never think of doing that. Wonderful post....I so enjoyed reading it! Angie xo

  10. Love your pictures of the frosty leaves. We don't have that kind of weather at the moment - gorgeous, almost Indian summer, still. I am in a new town so not sure what to expect! This November and December I am looking forward to a total reno on my house! My contractor comes tomorrow night and we will have an agenda! That will fill my November.

  11. Wow Grace, you are one talented lady! I am so inspired by all of your posts and thank you for all of your wonderful comments. I am still not a "good blogger", but will always remember your support! Even when I am famous one day. Kidding. Have a wonderful weekend!