Saturday, October 23, 2010

We Heart Fall

Thank you so much for all your kind words yesterday and today.  Going for a walk in the woods seemed like the perfect tonic, so Kate, William, and I went for a walk this afternoon to Hilton Falls.

Along the way I collected leaves and then we cleared a patch of dirt and made this -

As you can see in the photos below most of the leaves have already fallen, but there were plenty of colourful leaves lying around on the ground and some trees still held their leaves so we could find the lovely yellow, orange and red leaves we needed.

The inspiration for our leaf design was the photo below that I saw earlier today on Content in a Cottage blog.  If you haven't visited Content in a Cottage yet then you really should hop on over, as it is full of intriguing photographs and ideas just like this one.  Actually now that I look at the inspiration picture I see that it is a whole lot more organized than ours with all the leaves facing one direction.  Oh well, it was a really fun fall activity. 

Lots of people stopped and took pictures of our heart and even as we were walking away we could hear people talking about it.   The amazing thing was, that on the way back from the falls we looked for our leaf heart and someone had taken it - every last leaf!  Who would do that???  There was just a bare patch of dirt looking all forlorn and lacking in any leaf-love.

Along the way to Hilton Falls we saw some strange birch trees that looked like they were standing on stilts.  I think they started their lives growing over stumps which have since disintegrated.

 We also saw strange lumpy limestone rocks covered in moss.

And a man gave us some birdseed to hold in our hands so we could feed the chick-a-dees.

I bet you don't know why I'm wearing a yellow vest.  Well I'll let you in on the fall photography tip that Kate read in a magazine.  If it is an overcast day you should wear yellow in photographs and if it is a sunny day you should wear red.

There you go - two inspirational tips for fall fun - wear yellow/red to look good in fall photos and make yourself a rainbow leaf design.

Photo credit: the photo of the mossy rocks and the one of me were both taken my my daughter, Kate.  Thanks Kate!

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I was unable to reach the person who originally won the Anthropologie mug giveaway, so I have redrawn a name (please everyone - make sure you leave an email address when you enter giveaways, if it isn't on your blog).  

The new winner is Karena.  I'll have the mugs off to you just as soon as you let me know what letters you want and your mailing address.  Here's what she said on my giveaway:
"Hi Grace, I am a follower and I love the simple lettering. I would choose for two of my friend's holiday gifts!"
I think Karena is going to have two happy friends this Christmas!


  1. Hi Grace, Your heart design was perfect, a lovely gift to walkers on the trail. Great shots of the waterfalls. Take care:)

  2. Glad you got a picture of your heart and that others got to enjoy it before someone took it. I hope that whomever took it wanted to recreate it and maybe frame it to keep permanently. I like to think positive.

  3. So glad you had a good day today! And that leaf heart is wonderful, maybe someone loved it so much they had to have it for themselves?!

    And thanks for the color tips, I've never heard that before!

    Kat :)

  4. Just checking in on you :) So glad you got out today for a wonderful walk!

  5. Nothing like fresh air to clear the mind. I love the heart you all made. What a great idea. Sadly ours would be all brown leaves as we haven't gotten much color. So I love looking at everyone's colorful fall leaves. I love those mossy rocks too!

  6. Great leaf pictures. Great idea. All the pictures are wonderful. I can't believe someone would take the leaf heart. That is odd. I guess they needed love!

  7. Love that rainbow leaf heart!!! And your suggestions about how to look good in fall photos - right on!

  8. Your photographs are wonderful! I love those lumpy rocks and trees on stilts! :) Your leaf heart is beautiful! I wonder too why someone would take it. Maybe they needed some love of their own. :)

  9. What a beautiful walk Grace! Your heart of leaves was beautiful!! Maybe the person/persons who took the heart needed it? When my daughter was 1, the little blue wagon that we bought her birthday was stolen from a park while we were playing on the swings! Again, who would do that? But about 2 months later, my husband saw our wagon on a rainy night..being pulled by 2 teenagers with groceries inside. He questioned the kids and they admitted they had stolen it, but then my husband let them keep it since it felt sad for teenagers carrying groceries in a wagon to a sad part of town.You just never know!
    Angie xo

  10. first off, what a beautiful place! there are so many beautiful aspects to appreciate about nature... love the leaf idea -- I might have to try this!

  11. What a special walk. The heart was perfect. A-M xx

  12. That heart is beautiful!!... How very weird that it was taken.

  13. I love your heart, and the perfect family hike after the news of your sister. So bizarre that somebody took the heart, maybe only to be rebuilt in another location....

  14. Hi Grace, (That was my grandmother's name - love it!) I really enjoyed these photos of the leaf heart & leaf arrow. They would be so pretty framed. Also, I'm so sorry about your sister. We lost a loved one this year to breast cancer (IBC) also. My heart goes out to you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  15. What a beautiful unique heart and made with love too, and those amazing leaves. I am glad you got a picture of it to remember.