Thursday, October 21, 2010

Seeing Red this Fall

Razmataz is having a red photo challenge (you can read about it here) and fall leaves seemed the perfect thing to showcase. 

I was driving to one of my schools yesterday and was absolutely thrilled to see this row of brilliant red trees.  So thrilled in fact, that I had to turn the car around and snap a few photos.  Red fall leaves are my favourite (aren't they everyone's???), so to find a row of such beauties was amazing.  These trees are going to look stunning when they are mature.  I think the red was even more brilliant in contrast to the deep blue of the sky.


I also saw red leaves at the cottage over Thanksgiving weekend.  It is interesting, though, how the reds up at the cottage are more of an orangey-red.  Still gorgeous, mind you.


The maples sure outdo themselves at this time of year - it's quite a show!

Linked to the  Red Photo Challenge at Razmataz


  1. Gorgeous! The cottage photos are my favourite. Must be the rocks and the water.

  2. Wow - beautiful !! these photos are just great!! Makes me want to bring some of that beautiful red inside..


  3. Grace, those are gorgeous and you grabbed some great shots.

  4. You're right. Red leaves are the best. I planted myself a burning bush this spring, but it's taking a long time to really get its color this fall.

  5. Beautiful Grace! I love how clear the water is and how the leaves look so pretty floating along!

    Kat :)

  6. oh yes...i LOVE the red maples! i spose if they were that red all year we would not appreciate them as much. lovely photos!
    happy autumn,

  7. Again, no fair that you guys have natural reds ...the only naturally occurring red I could find here in la la land is a ladybug and we buy ours here at the nursery....sigh

    We do have a sort of red light district. Would that count?

    Lovely photos. : D


  8. I like the one on the log or the zoomed in one and the one on the water... all of them.

    It's summer, true we probable have one week of spring.
    I am certain these are by the Canadian embassy. Next winter I MUST go have a look.
    Oh, yes, the flag!

  9. Those red leaves are beautiful against that crisp October blue sky.

  10. So pretty! I love me some read fall leaves!

  11. These are wonderful photos! Red leaves are my favorites too! :D Well done!

  12. What beautiful trees, you photographed them just perfectly against the blue sky. Ann

  13. Those reds and that sky are amazing! So jealous that's no where near where I am!

  14. Capturing leaves or capturing emotions ???