Monday, September 6, 2010

Windy Weekend on Georgian Bay

We just got back from our windy three-day visit to our Georgian Bay cottage.  Did I mention that it was windy?  Thankfully the cottage is on an island so on the first day, which was actually warm and sunny, we could go to the calm side of the island and bask in the sun and swim.  I swam twice that day, just because it was likely my last swim of the season.

Even in the wind and rain it is a majestic setting. 

It was Christie's first visit to this cottage and she enjoyed it despite the wild weather.

The stormy weather stirred up some dramatic skies.

Sometimes there was so much rain

that there was nothing to do but stay inside and relax - Juno's favourite activity!

Other times, though, we could get out and explore.  There were only a few cardinal flowers this year, but they were lovely as ever.

I love finding puddles that are turned red by the colour of the algae in them.

and cannot get enough of the beautiful rocks.

There were signs of fall around the island.  From berries,

to goldenrod,

and aster,

and even a few coloured leaves.

 Oh, and polar fleece sweaters to ward off the chills.

Sigh!  All good things must end - even summer.  Sniff, sniff.  One last photo of a magnificent windswept tree.

Just a warning - it may be the end of summer vacation, but I have a few more blog posts about summer activities that I will be posting this week and maybe even next. 


  1. Grace, beautiful photos, all of them. But that one with the dark clouds and the circling birds...magnificent!

  2. It's amazing how threatening yet spectacular those stormy skies can be. By the way, I can't wait until I can break out the fleece. It will be awhile around here.

  3. Your photos are so beautiful Grace - stunning. Looks like a lovely way to finish your summer. K xx

  4. I should know where Georgian Bay is but I will have to check it on a map. This is so much like northern Sask, which is also in the Shield. In fact, it is exactly like northern Sask. Aren't you the lucky duck to have not one, but two, cottages!

  5. Ah, the beauty of Georgian Bay. I swear sometimes it calls to me. Lucky you to have a cottage there to retreat to. Your photos are beautiful. I would consider framing the Inukshuk and the last photo~stunning.