Thursday, September 23, 2010

Macaulay House Details

A few days ago I took you on a tour of the Macaulay House in Picton, Ontario (you can read the post and see more photos here).  Connie, from the blog Hartwood Roses, left a comment that she has been studying the details in all the photos because this house is so similar to the house she lives in.  The interesting thing is her house is in Virginia and was built in 1848 while the Macaulay House was built in 1830 and is in Picton, Ontario (approximately 960 kms or 600 miles away from each other).  Connie and I emailed a bit back and forth and she told me that the outside of her house is-
pure New England Gothic Revival (the original family moved here to Virginia from Connecticut), but the inside details are from an earlier style.  It’s much more Federal Farmhouse style, instead of the early-Victorian that it could have been.
With the interior being styled after an earlier period, it would fit that these two houses would have similar finishes and trim.  I was going to email the other photos I took of the Macaulay House to Connie for her interest, but then decided that maybe someone else would be interested in seeing them as well.  You can read about Connie's front hall here - you will see that the stairs and layout are very similar to the front hall in the Macaulay House.

So welcome again to the lovely Macaulay House.   Here are a few photos of the front hall,

one of the front window in the dining room,

the tea set on a table in the front parlour,

another view of everyone's favourite spot - the china cabinet,

a close-up of the clock,

and a view out the kitchen window.

All I can say, is that you are one lucky duck, Connie, to be living in such a lovely home. 


  1. Beautiful details Grace! Picton has such gorgerous old homes!

  2. I'm very taken with all that beautiful window detailing. Just gorgeous.