Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Recipe for a Perfect Weekend

A few weekends ago hubby and I had some time to get away for a few days to Prince Edward County in eastern Ontario.  It was a relaxed, quiet weekend filled with all the things we love.  In fact, we both agreed it was a perfect weekend.  Want to know what a perfect weekend looks like for us?  Well here it is -

A perfect weekend includes:

going to a place so quiet you can stand in the middle of the road to take photos,

with a profusion of wildflowers growing along the side of the road.

There would be rocks and driftwood for me to collect,

fossils for hubby to collect,

a lighthouse to view,

a historic home to tour,

charming villages with heritage homes

and art studios,

pretty views,

 yummy food,

and most of all plenty of time spent with the one I love!

What makes a perfect weekend getaway for you?
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  1. All of the above sounds just about right! Looks like a great weekend.

  2. Sounds delicious in every way!


  3. Your blog really speaks to me. I loved this post...and many of the others I have read, since I have recently found you. Thank you.

  4. What a lovely, peaceful weekend you had. I love the country road shots with all the wildflowers. Love the picture of you and your DH.


  5. It was a great weekend! What a nice little village.

  6. Historic homes for sure! I'm new to your blog...glad I found it!


  7. That looks like a fantastic weekend trip. Your photos remind me of a week one summer, pre children, hubby and I toured with my oldest sister and bil. We toured the St. Lawrence Seaway with lots of museums and little towns, ending up in Ottawa. We stayed in a motor home in the Parks of the St. Lawrence and hotels in Ottawa.

  8. What a perfect weekend for the two of you! My perfect weekend would be quite similar to yours...the food looks scrumptious! Angie xo

  9. Gracie, I love this post, and the picture of you and your husband too!! I just added you to my blogroll, I can't believe you weren't already on it.