Monday, August 2, 2010

It Takes a Village to Make a Quilt

Michael, at Inspired by Charm, has come up with an ingenious idea that I wanted to let you know about.  He decided that he wants to make a quilt, not just any quilt, but a summer quilt with polka dots and gingham and flowers - doesn't that sound divine.  So divine, in fact, that he has almost inspired me to want to make one too.

Micheal has never made a quilt before, but that isn't stopping him.  He is going to learn how once he has his fabric.  Now this is where the ingenious part comes in - he is going to make an inspirational quilt with fabric from all his loyal readers.  He is asking that anyone who has spare fabric lying around -  and who doesn't??? - send him a square and he will include it in the quilt. 

Michael would like the squares of cotton to be 6 inches in size.  You can mail them to him at:

Old Charm
Attn: A Quilt {inspired by charm}
444 Brusselles Street
Saint Marys, PA 15857

I sent 3 squares of this fabric to Micheal.  I have had this fabric in my basement for at least 18 years.  I always intended to sew something for Kate with it, but obviously never did.  I've always loved the slightly muted colours in this fabric, so I hung on to it.  I  may have to make myself a quilt with it.  How's that for inspiration!

I wanted to pass the word along to help Michael with his summer project.  You too might find yourself dreaming of making a quilt.

Aren't they gorgeous.  Such beautiful colours and they looks so homey. 

When I think of quilts I think of some of Sarah Richardson's fabulous bedrooms in her cottage and her farmhouse.

And here's what Sarah Richardson says about her love affair with quilts (in the Globe and Mail article from May 1, 2009):
Perhaps I belonged to a quilting circle in a previous life, because something has to explain my deep affection for handmade quilts. When I was in my 20s and my girlfriends were starting to collect designer handbags I was, you guessed it, buying antique quilts at auction (don't laugh). Fortunately for me I still love my quilt collection.
There you go - between Sarah Richardson's dreamy bedrooms and Michael's desire to make a summer quilt - aren't you inspired!


  1. What a great project for him to start! He will have pressure to see it through!

  2. What a wonderful project!! I quilted when I was younger, and I love all of the quilts in my collection ... some are antiques, some I made, and some are made-in-China bought-at-Walmart, and I love them all!

    The picture of that quilt with the squares hanging on the fence is WONDERFUL! I love the primitive construction and the gorgeous colors. Shows that quilts don't have to be complicated to be beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful project he is doing. I love quilts. I have several, some I bought, some from my side of the family and some from my husband's side of the family. Your fabric squares you sent are great. I love them and they would have made a really cute quilt.

  4. That is a special project Grace. All the photos you show are beautiful examples of quilting.

  5. I bought a brand new sewing machine a year ago. When my reno is complete and I have a sewing room, a quilt will be at the top of my list. Loved your fabric.

  6. I have made a couple of simple quilts and have stacks of fabric waiting for me. I love the quilts that you shared with us. Michael's project is unique. I will have to send him some squares.

  7. Grace! thank you! thank you!

    i am so honored and delighted! it's rainy and ugly in my neck of the woods but you just brought on the sunshine.

    thank you for your kind words and for sharing my project with your readers!

    and thanks to everyone else for all the sweet comments! this project would be possible without amazing people like you!!

    thank you. thank you. thank you!!

  8. Quilts are the ultimate in recycling; love them!


  9. Grace ... aren't you sweet to help Michael out with his quilt. As a quilter myself, I'm sure I can find and extra 6" square to contribute. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Thank for the mention. Pop by soon, I have a give away.

  10. What a fabulous project and I love all the examples you gave! Have a wonderful day!