Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Western Newfoundland Trip

Oh my goodness - Newfoundland is wonderful!  It was one of those trips that fell into place perfectly.  We had sunny days for almost our entire two-week trip in a province that that has a reputation for plenty of rain, mist, and cloud.  Our accommodations were great and some of them were spectacular (more about that later).  

The three photos above were some of the highlights of the trip.  We saw all kinds of icebergs - enormous ones, blocky ones, bent ones, ones with blue veins in them, and we even saw a few breaking apart.  How awesome is that!  We stayed in a lighthouse keeper's inn on a gorgeous island and spent the day walking over the hills and valleys watching icebergs and whales.  And everywhere we went we saw fields of the most beautiful wildflowers.  

I'm busy sorting through my photos and will share more as I get them organized.

Have you been to Newfoundland?  This is my third trip, but the first time to western Newfoundland and man, oh man, is it a treasure.


  1. Your second photo looks like a painting. What a great trip you had.


  2. Simply gorgeous!!! Never been to that part of Canada...now I'm interested in seeing it!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.