Sunday, March 24, 2013

Turquoise Easter-in-a-Box

She loves turquoise - always has.  So I decided to make turquoise the theme of Kate's Easter-in-a-box this year (you can see last year's here.)  

I love wrapping things in kraft paper - it is such a lovely simple backdrop to be dressed with decorations in any colour.  Of course, I used turquoise to decorate Kate's box using gingham washi tape to write "Happy Easter".  As for finding the treats to go inside ... that pretty much involved me wandering around stores looking for anything turquoise.  

There was candy and chocolate wrapped in turquoise,

and turquoise washi tape and a turquoise Sharpie (because the girl loves Sharpies too),

and a turquoise elephant mobile from The Paper Place in Toronto (because everyone needs an Easter elephant),

and Tic Tacs (which aren't turquoise) but are in a hard-to-find flavour and the girl loves Tic Tacs so she will be thrilled. By the way, what flavours of tic tacs can you buy where you live?  We have found that they vary a lot from country to country and we always bring home weird and wonderful flavours for Kate as gifts.

After I took the photos I packed the box up and realized I still had some room - which definitely is a no-no when it comes to care packages.  Soooo, I bought some more turquoise things and added them.  

I found some turquoise candy that I put into a divided container (I got the idea from Angie at Echoes of Laughter which you can read about here). I included turquoise sprinkles and coloured sugar in one of the partitions and some turquoise cupcake papers so Kate and her friends could decorate cupcakes for Easter.

I also found ... wait for it ... turquoise tic tacs in New York so they got included too.  The cupcake liners and candy filled the box perfectly.

Then I tied the package with a bow ... a turquoise bow, of course ... and sent it off to Kate!

Do you have kiddos living away from home - at university or working? Do you send them something? What do you include?  I'm always looking for other ideas of what to send.  

I remember how tough this time of year is for university students so I like to throw in lots of treats.  Kate has already opened her box and has started the sugarfest. Happy Easter Kate!

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. For their birthdays last year I sent both my kids cupcakes to their work. They loved it so I may be doing that again. I am recently quite obsessed with turquoise. I'm adding a little here and there. It's very fresh! Have a good week and a happy Easter...Ann

  2. I love it! I often send care packages to my grown kids, although this Easter, they just got an Easter decorated envelope containing a card and a gourmet chocolate bar.

    BTW - I covet that Godiva bunny!

  3. Amazing view..:)
    Loved the way you decorated bunny
    Android Developer

  4. OH how much fun is this!! I love the idea and we all know how much fun it is to receive a care package. Great idea.

  5. you are such a sweet mother... she is very lucky!

  6. Great idea using the washi tape for writing on the package!