Monday, October 18, 2010

A Cleaner Tidier Version of my Office

If you recall, my office was mentioned on Centsational Girl's wrap-up post about where we blog.  You can see the photo she used below with my desk (on the left) next to the pretty little office from I Heart Organizing (on the right).

I wrote in this post, that I was a tad embarrassed that my desk, although organized, looked so messy, especially in contrast to my fellow office-in-a-closet blogger.   Well that was just the motivation I needed to tackle my desk and take it to the next level.   I've been working away since then, tidying and prettifying my desk and I thought I'd give you an up-date.

In the photo below, you can see the before (on the left) and how it looks now (on the right).

The first thing I did was buy some magazine boxes from IKEA.  I got the inspiration from seeing the white boxes in Angie's fantastic office (which you can read about here).  The papers were already sorted into files before, but they looked messy.  I organized the files together into groups and put them in the magazine boxes.  It's not quite as easy to access, but it sure looks better.

Yep I even included a box marked 'fun'? 

My friend Kim, gave me a wicker drawer tower that she didn't need anymore, to use in place of the plastic one that was to the left of where I sit.  Since the new one is smaller, I had to do some re-organizing and culling of things that were to be stored near my desk.  

I also added an IKEA file box under my desk so I can quickly put in the bank statements.  They arrive so frequently in the mail that they have a tendency to pile up when I don't get around to filing them (and I'm just being realistic that it's going to happen again, so I bought a box to keep the pile out of sight).  Juno often sleeps under my desk on a pillow while I work - doesn't the new box look great beside her!

I recently found this lamp at a thrift store for $5 and thought I would give it a home on my desk since my other one was constantly turning on and off.

I also sorted through the things that were on my desk and tried to find other places to put them - namely in the baskets, the drawers, or on shelves nearby.  It's now about as paired down as it can get and still be functional.  I do recognize that the magnet board makes it look a bit cluttered, but I love looking at the pictures and the calendar that I made.

And a before and after of the desktop - 

Several people suggested I either find another place for the games that are stored on the top shelf or try and hide them in some way.  I pondered and considered and considered and pondered and have decided to leave them as they are.  I use the games for work so need frequent access to them and I want it to be an easy task to find a game when we want to play one as a family.  Storing them on the upper shelf means they stay organized and it is easy to see what we have.

There you have it - an office update!  So now when you read my blog you can think of me sitting here - with a dog at my feet and a cup of tea nearby and maybe slightly less tidy.  I'm just saying....

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  1. I love your little closet office. That's one thing I love about blogging, the inspiration that we get from others. I didn't think your space was all that 'untidy' to begin with, but your after pictures show that you made some nice changes. I do like your magazine boxes.

    Juno looks sweet under your desk.

    Thank for sharing.


  2. I love your space Grace, especially the wallpaper and all that organisation...I am impressed! And that is such a great photo of Juno :)

  3. Love the changes. The white storage things are awesome and make a huge difference. The wicker storage unit is great too. I have one of the plastic ones as well and although functional, they aren't the prettiest things. That picture of little Juno is so cute.

  4. When I got my laptop a year ago I gave up my closet office, where I'd worked out of for a few years. It was in a constant state of flux as some new time/money/space saving idea was given life. The beauty of it was that if it was a mess (which it usually was) I had only to leave it and close the door and no-one was any the wiser

  5. Looks great! I can totally relate, my office is always the messiest room in my house AND it's bigger than a closet. It just seems to be the room where stuff goes to die ;) What can you do?

  6. Your office looks great Grace! I love how you've made such a great use of a small closet space and turned it into an office.

  7. Grace it looks fantastic and even "Sarah" would be impressed!! Loved the photo of Juno!!
    I really think the blue toile makes it look very elegant!
    Good Job!!
    Pamela xo

  8. I still love that gorgeous wallpaper :) The white IKEA boxes really tie in nicely and I'm sure hold so many of your important papers too. Such a fun and pretty place to work/blog!

  9. Your new more tidy space looks wonderful! And everything looks great when it's next to sweet Juno!

    Kat :)

  10. This is such a wonderful use of space and you have made it look so beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Oh it's a beautiful spot.. you did a marvellous job! You must be so pleased. Amazing transformation! A-M xx

  12. Well, of course, Juno MAKES the space!
    Hi: I just came over from Stephanie's blog. I almost think the wicker drawers in place of the plastic makes the biggest difference of all! I know, I too am tempted to leave those plastic drawers in my office...but no, in my brand new space they will have to go. Hope you will check my blog from time to time as we move into our new house and organize the spaces.

  13. Grace your office is absolutely fabulous!! I love the toile wallpaper the best, it really makes it so cozy and creative looking! Thanks for sharing it with us - especially your sweet dog!

  14. I'm very impressed! This is a great study, and I love how you've managed to put stylish and functional into a small space. It's gorgeous, as is that little dog!! x

  15. Such delicious organization makes my heart go pitter patter ! And you do it with such style, bravo girlfriend!

  16. It looks fantastic! I love the changes!! Thanks for mentioning me and I am so glad that my little corner gave you some inpsiration for your own space!! I LOVE your space and the wallpaper is incredible! Angie xo

  17. Wow! You made such a great use of that space and it looks so neat and organized and beautiful! I love the toile paper! I'm a toile girl! :-)

  18. Grace! That is beautiful - the blue toile is perfect for that space! Great job on the reorganization. I need to take some of your ideas into my own home.