Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Susan and the Distillery District

This past Friday I met my first real live bloggy person.   When I heard that Susan (from the blog Moving Designz) and her associate Anita, were visiting from Prince Edward Island, I emailed her to see if she wanted to get together.  We arranged to meet in Toronto and have lunch in the Distillery District. 

See there's proof that we met, along with a glimpse of the lovely old cobblestone streets and brick buildings in the Distillery District.

 The Distillery District is an entertainment district in Toronto, with cafes, art galleries, and restaurants in the buildings of the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery.  There's nothing fake about the old bricks you see everywhere, as the distillery was founded in 1832.  By the 1860s it was the largest distillery in the world.  Given that Canada was still a small country at the time, I'm assuming they exported most of the whisky they produced.  By the late 20th century the distillery ceased production and the area became re-vitalized as an entertainment district.

Susan, Anita, and I had lunch at Balzac's Coffee Roastery.

Did you get a good look at the latte - cause it was a work of art, that tasted as good as it looked.

Balzac's is in a lovely old brick building.

with an enormous chandelier hanging from the old wooden ceiling,

and old coffee signs on the wall.

After lunch we walked around and browsed through shops and art galleries.  The one shown below was a particular favouite.  Try and guess what these pictures are made from.

You have to look closely at the edge and then you can see -they are made using many, many, many rubiks cubes.  How cool is that!

This one was especially impressive - it was called, approriately enough, Falling Apart.

Two bloggers walking around such an interesting area, just can't help taking tons of photos.

Photo of the ginormous pots of flowers and grass?  Check!

Photo of the wire statues?  Check!

Don't you love the reclaimed wood wall that they built along one section.

I really think this looks like something someone in bloggy land should make - very doable and very creative.

When I was leaving I saw this wedding being photographed.  What a fantastic backdrop!

Susan was just as sweet and stylish as she comes across on her blog.   Thanks for the great time on Friday - it was such fun to meet you both and to spend a few hours together.


  1. Looks like you had a great time. That latte looks so yummy! I love the rubic cube art work....very cool.

    Thanks for sharing. I haven't been to Toronto in years...this makes me want to go back :)

  2. Looks like a fun day! I was in Canada twice years ago and have always wanted to return- I loved Toronto!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. What fun meeting fellow bloggers and spending time together. Looks like a fun place.

  4. Great to meet fellow bloggers. I have never been to the distillery district. Looks like fun.

  5. Isn't it just great meeting a fellow blogger? I met Melissa from Cranberry Cottage here on the island and now we are friends. Love blogging!

    Thanks for the memories of the distillery. I was there last summer for lunch with my cousin. The one who came out this summer to visit me.
    I really loved it there so artsy!

  6. Really cute post! The distillery district looks awesome.. oh and that latte-FAB!!! Love your blog!


  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to show Susan and I the beautiful sites at the Distillery District, it was quite enjoyable. I really loved the interesting artwork :)


  8. You have some of the coolest places I've ever seen in your area. Someday, the rest of us will need to come visit!

  9. What fun to met fellow bloggers, and the Distillery District is a wonderful place to shop and have lunch. Do you live in Toront?

  10. I can see you had a great time Grace. Love the art and sites to see!

    Art by Karena

  11. Hi Grace :)

    I just have to say how fantastic it was having a chance to meet you in person. You cannot imagine how happy I was when you send me the email invite...

    Taking Anita and myself to the Distillery District was a real treat. I feel in love with that area. Afterwards we did the design shops, which I hope to post on either later today or tomorrow.

    I'm still totally smitten with the Cube Works and that man...OMG it is so amazingly amazing!!!

    Again thank you so much. It was a pleasure meeting you and hanging out for awhile. I hope we can do it again, here or there...

  12. Hi Grace! I love seeing you meeting your blogging buddies, as I've done recently with mine. It brings this online world to life --- and I can tell you had a wonderful time!
    xo Elizabeth