Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Eggs

Happy Easter my friends.  I hope all is well.  

It's finally spring around here.  Although it did snow a couple of centimetres on Tuesday which didn't melt until Wednesday and was kind of a bummer.  I heard the best tweet on CBC Radio regarding the snow though (made me laugh all day whenever I thought about it):
"I'm dreaming of a white Easter" said nobody, ever!!!

We've had rabbits galore - all over our backyard.  I hope that means we will see little bunnies soon because we sure won't be seeing much in the way of flowers or bushes.

I finally got the Easter eggs out and arranged them on the table.  I got a new table runner from IKEA, but I'll let you in on a secret ... it's really a rug for the floor that cost me $2.99.  It looked so pretty that I bought it and put it on the table and bought some pink tulips to match.  Best.  Deal.  Ever!!!


I wanted to introduce you to the Pysanky that I made this year in art class.

 I really went modern and appear to have been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and Polkaroo (anyone remember him from TVO kids - no idea if he is still around).

I hope you have a great Easter weekend.  It's a long weekend here so there will be much relaxing and enjoying of chocolate.  What are your plans?


  1. The eggs are gorgeous and the rug as a runner is a great idea. So glad the snow is gone too. We will be having a family dinner, spending lots of time at church and relaxing. I love long weekends! Happy Easter!

  2. I know you love decorated eggs. Yo may be interested in this...the Faberge big egg auction. The eggs are 2' high. Some really gorgeous designs.

  3. Adorable eggs - the whole table top looks fabulous! Love your bunnies...but you are right, not much else going to be happening in your garden!

  4. Pretty eggs! This is the first year I didn't dye eggs. Our family was scattered for the weekend, and I ended-up going to church by myself, but then everyone made it home for Sunday afternoon. It was nice having everyone together even if it was just for a couple of hours.

    I hope you had a nice Easter!


  5. Love the eggs and the bunnies. And polkeroo too!