Monday, June 10, 2013

A Rainbow Celebration

While I was driving to the cottage this past weekend I had plenty of time to let my mind wander - to create, and dream, and plan. I love having the time to do that. 

One of the things I thought up was this pretty party.  I wanted to document it so I don't forget the details.

I would set the table with a white tablecloth and white dinner plates so that all the attention is on the centrepiece. I would line up mason jars filled with a rainbow of flowers down the centre of the table. I think it would look gorgeous and can't wait to actually try it. I even love the words - a rainbow of flowers.

The dinner would involve bright and beautiful food. We could start with a rainbow of vegetables.

Then follow the vegetables with a rainbow of beautiful ingredients laid out on trays for make-your-own tacos. Or what about a table full of bright and beautiful salads. Or how about a trio of pretty soups for dinner.

cream of yellow carrottomato, and cream of asparagus soups

And then for dessert we could have delicious rainbow fruit kebabs
Quick Dish

along with a bright and bountiful dessert table.  

There would definitely be a tray of rainbow-coloured macaroons,

and a rainbow cake,

Kate Landers Events

with rainbow m&ms.

Beki Cook's Cakes

And if you wanted to decorate the room some more you could make one of these rainbow balloon banners.

Design Mom
or some of these rainbow zigzag streamers.

Oh Happy Day
or some of these rainbow paper fan flowers.

Candice and Ezra

Have I gone off my rocker?  Am I channeling my inner four-year old?  I just can't help myself - rainbows are so bright and pretty. How do you feel about them?

Maybe some of it is over the top, but I can't wait for an opportunity to make the rainbow flower centrepiece.  


  1. Go for it! Personally this dismal weather is making me ready to join the party. I would bring the M&M's but I am afraid I would eat them on the way....

  2. I think you should do this, and I also think you should have a link party because I want to do it, too!!! This is a great idea. Seriously. I love the centerpiece idea and the idea of the food taking center stage on the white!


  3. I featured this post on my blog today!

  4. Stopping over from Ricki Jill's...

    I think a rainbow party would be fantastic. So whimsical & colorful!

  5. We think alike! When I have time to think clearly, I also want to document it so I don't forget the details. I love this rainbow celebration idea!

  6. That is gorgeous! I love it!

    Stopping by at the recommendation of Ricki Jill who mentioned this post in her Weekly Round-Up post!

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