Friday, June 1, 2012

From Durham With Love

As I mentioned Jonathan is away in Scotland doing research for his next book.  It's a scholarly book so don't get all excited that you might want to read it or something.  As Jonathan pointed out, more people read my blog than read his books and he has put infinitely more time and effort (and money) into them than I have the blog.  Well honey, I guess you just have to pick your topic more carefully next time.  What can I say?

I love living in the modern age when Jonathan and I are apart.  I know getting a handwritten letter is charming and all, but when your husband is away from home for weeks or even months then I like to be able to write a quick note every day or even a couple of times a day as things occur to me.  So to be apart now when we have good internet and he can even send me photos so I can see what he has been seeing is such a treasure.  

Last Sunday when the library was closed, Jonathan went to visit the lovely city of Durham in northern England.  He especially loved Durham Cathedral - one of the greatest Norman buildings in England - and took loads of photos which I made into a mosaic.  Aren't those the most interesting carvings - they were all over the wooden ceiling of the cloisters (you can see the cloisters in the photo second from the left on the bottom row).  Most of the carvings are heraldic shields or leaves or flowers, but some are green man carvings.  With a strange name like that, I had to Google to find out what green man carvings are.  Apparently they are a carving of a face surrounded or made of leaves often found in churches.  Love it!

Don't all those gorgeous photos make you want to book a ticket to Durham.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. The Internet does make keeping in touch across the miles so very easy. I remember the first time I emailed a friend in another country, and got a response almost immediately, it felt like magic!!

  2. Gorgeous Photos! These pics have made me very excited about my upcoming trip to the UK. We'll be in Durham for a short time and I'll be seeking out some of these lovely images with my own eyes.

  3. Oh, man! I would so love to go there! Do you travel with your husband sometimes? Do you mind if I ask what he's doing there? I've sure enjoyed England the time or two I've been there!

  4. Beautiful carvings, just beautiful! Isn't this a wonderful age in which to live? Technology is a joy. A-M xx

  5. Hope you aren't too lonely. My husband is gone just for the weekend and I have to admit I have enjoyed myself immensely. :o) Are you going to visit him? Big summer for the Brits with the Jubilee and Olympics all in one summer. My school is finished and I'm just wrapping up in the office. Not sure I told you (if I did I'm sorry I'm repeating myself) but I have resigned from my job. My Mom's health is declining and my Dad is showing signs of wear and tear. They need some help. So I'm going to be a full time daughter and Etsy shop owner. Makes me nervous but a bit excited at the same time. Enjoy your Sunday...