Wednesday, November 23, 2011

WISH Wednesday #6

Since this is Christmas Cookie Week here at Sense and Simplicity, I decided to find an inspiring cookie photo - and what better place to find that inspiration than at Martha Stewart.  

These cookies remind me of the tall houses that line the canals in Amsterdam.  It seemed appropriate that I was drawn to this picture since the Netherlands is near and dear to my heart.  I was an exchange student there over 30 years ago and lived in a small town near Utrecht for a year.  I learned Dutch, rode my bicycle everywhere, and visited Amsterdam as often as I could - and ate yummy spekulaas cookies that looked like these ones.

Martha Stewart

I love all the details in this vignette like the lace edged cake plate, the rustic table and candle holders and the pretty tone-on-tone wallpaper.  While I love the gorgeous cookies that line the edge of the cake, they are definitely something that I will leave to Martha's minions to make.

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  1. I love Martha Stweart, even if some of her stuff is a little over the top for mer mortals. Cookie week looks like it has been great. I am going to make your shortbread.

    Have a great day!