Monday, February 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Statistics

Statistics - did that scare anyone - sorry about that.  I didn't really mean we were going to do math but I just made a few graphs for your viewing pleasure and my own fun.  

I'm always curious where everyone is from who reads this blog.  I have a stats counter, and it is exciting for me to see that there are sometimes 11 people in Tunisia reading this blog.  Now my hubby has done a little digging and found out that, it isn't that I have a fan-club in Tunisia who are obsessed with pictures of snow, but rather that Tunisia is where the fiber-optic cable goes through to Africa.  Nevertheless there are quite a few people from Africa who read my blog. Cool, eh?  Or, is that warm - never mind.

Anywhoo, I thought it would be fun to graph where everyone came from who responded to the giveaway:
And who is watching the Olympics:

Isn't it fantastic to see that lots of people are watching the Olympics.

Oh, and as to who won the giveaway - drumroll - it is FlavoredFlourCongrats!!!  Please contact me so I can get your mailing information.

This is the comment left by FlavoredFlour:

"What a great idea, eh! I am watching every moment that I can. I am so proud of our athletes and the way they conduct themselves.I love the snowflakes for a wonderful reminder of the Olympics. I'm in Maple Ridge on the outskirts of Vancouver."  

Isn't it appropriate that someone from Vancouver would win the giveaway.  My grandmother used to live in Haney, which is now part of Maple Ridge.  I visited her there many, many years ago.

Thanks everyone for participating.

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