Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow, Ice, and More Snow

Yep that's what winter is like here in Ontario - sometime you can mix in sleet, hail, rain, and even just plain slush and mud when the snow melts.  I like to just go with what nature is throwing at me for my decorating inspiration.  So when I see this in the garden -

And I'm wearing these -

I know it is time for some winter touches to the front porch.  I finally got around to jazzing up the teeny-tiny skates I bought at the thrift store.
Aren't those the cutest little skates, and the cutest little pom-poms.  The pom-poms were tied around our Christmas crackers this year and were just what I was looking for to add that snowball touch.  Now our front porch looks decorated for the season.


  1. Hello Gracie! Greetings from a very hot and humid Aussie summer. Your snow looks positively delicious and so cool... would love to live in a snow filled country. My hubby's heart literally stops when he sees snow... he is currently watching the Winter Olympic build up on cable ... drooling over all the snow! Love your little skates... the perfect touch! A-M xx

  2. Welcome Melanie and A-M. Both of you have blogs that are on my "Best Blogs" list, as compared to my many other lists. The "Best Blogs" are the ones I check every day, so I'm flattered to have you visit here.

    Isn't it funny how we are never happy with the weather we have. By February I'm always craving warmth and flowers. Right now the snow is fine. Mind you we haven't had a very bad winter yet.

  3. Is it ever decorated for winter, looks beautiful and I love the colour of your door!

  4. Welcome Maria. That is pretty thrilling for me to have a colour consultant admire the colour of my little old front door. Thanks so much.

  5. Hi Grace. I found my way here from Donna's party at Funky Junk Interiors. We also live in Ontario. Your porch looks great. I love the ice skates and may have to borrow the idea. First I need to find some tiny figure skates, my boys big hockey skates probably wouldn't look so cute.

  6. Hi Elizabeth. Too funny that you live in Ontario - we could be neighbours and not know it. I have to say that my kids all have huge feet (and always have had, even as newborns) and they didn't start skating until they were older, so there were no cute skates to hang up of our own, either. I just went to the thrift store and bought them. It took a few visits before I found some that weren't scuffed up. I did pass up some earlier that had a little fluffy cuff around the top that would have been cute, but I was hoping to get some for a cheaper price (which I didn't, though). I have to say it was an easy DIY and it does make me smile when I come home.